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Welcome to Grlica Law!

GrlicaLaw Vision

Our vision is to offer a new type of a law firm: location-independent online legal service, yet with an individual and boutique approach to every client.

Our team of GrlicaLaw specialists will be ready to tackle your hardest and most sensitive legal challenges.

We stay flexible and agile while increasing our track records of court wins, successfully closed projects and satisfied clients all over the world.

Our commitment is to be in the best service to YOU!

Ivo Grlica, LL.M. (WU), Managing Founder

Testimonials Around The Globe

  • Olga Licen, PREVAJANJE &

    "I recommend a professional lawyer Ivo Grlica. A real legal expert. One of those who will always devote time to the client, listen to his problems and find solutions. I have personally collaborated with Ivo and I can say that it is easy to solve problems with him. He not only finds solutions, but also supports at any moment, and also gives support, which is invaluable in difficult situations."

  • M.Sc. M. K., Director 1337 Works
    Swedish Venture Capital

    "Ivo Grlica is one of the best lawyers I have worked with. He has tremendous knowledge, passion, persistence, confidence and work ethics. He has helped me with several businesses regarding, how to establish a company, how to register a trademark, how to implement various policies and guidelines within a company. Overall, I love working with him, because not only is he fast and efficient, he is also very diligent and always double checks everything. He definitely has a winning attitude. I would highly recommend Ivo, and I know, I will continue working with him. He truly is a fantastic."

  • Roman Simkin, VIZANO d.o.o.,
    General Director

    "Ivo Grlica advised me on investment opportunities related to blockchain, on real estate issues and the organization of international business within the EU. I received answers to my questions and new solutions to current problems. I am very grateful to Ivo for his help."

  • Samantha

    "I contacted Grlica Law firm to help navigate a tax procedure. Barbara Kompan as assigned to my case and was the person I was in contact with for the duration of my case. She was very professional and replied quickly to emails. I was satisfied with the service and would recommend this law firm to others."

  • Olga Smirnova, Smiklo
    d.o.o., Director

    "Our company has been cooperating with Ivo in matters of Slovenian tax and civil law since 2015. We recommend Ivo as a high-class specialist. In matters of taxation, it is always important to take an integrated approach to the problem with an analysis of various solutions and possible consequences. Ivo, thank you for your cooperation and help!"

  • J. B., Project Manager,
    Abelium R&D

    "The GrlicaLaw firm operates surprisingly efficiently and professionally. The field of copyright law is obviously one of their strongest ones and is managed accordingly. Our cooperation went smoothly and without major surprises. The results and procedures were in line with the original agreement and consistent with the anticipated costs, we were more than satisfied and will be happy to collaborate in our future endeavors!"

  • K. R., founder and
    CEO of Vaulty

    "I want to thank the GrlicaLaw team and Ivo personally for resolving trademark issues, registering trademarks in Europe, and handling several agreements. Extremely professional services. Highly recommended!"

  • M. K., Director 1337 Works,
    Swedish Venture Capital

    "Ivo Grlica is one of the best lawyers I have worked with. He has tremendous knowledge, passion, persistence, confidence and work ethics. He has helped me with several businesses."

  • D. W., CEO
    of Imunsify

    "I don't think I ever met lawyers who can think like entrepreneurs before working with Ivo Grlica."

  • D. D., CEO of

    "A lawyer who estimates all risks ahead of a client and explains them in understandable terms."

  • C. B., CEO
    of Jarona

    "With Ivo as our legal counsel we always feel protected, prepared and confident for the next steps."

  • M. R., CEO of
    Mediohealth AG

    "Ivo Grlica has delivered outstanding results for us over the time, within budget and has consistently exceeded our expectations."

  • J. P., Crypto
    Water LLC (CEO)

    "Highly skilled legal professional. The first Blockchain lawyer I met in my life. Ivo's legal advice was always priceless. Highly recommended. I don't really like lawyers, but working with Ivo was an exception."

  • G. N., Co-Funder and
    CEO of Suncontract

    "Fast to respond, diligent and thinking outside the box."

  • A. B., Bajdak &
    Family (CEO)

    "Ivo helped us with property transactions and it was very helpful to have a very clear and fast lawyer. Also with our trademark Bajdak&Family, things were done very professionally."

  • I. P., LSBC

    "If there exist such thing as out-of-the-box in the legal profession than Ivo is a personification of that. I've been working with Ivo in the field of business networking at several projects in the last 10 years and have always admired his oneness for new ideas."

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