Every contract or other legal transaction (especially in international business) carries tax implications with it. Tax legislation is often vague and it often changes, tax authorities are often inconsistent or act arbitrarily against taxpayers.

GrlicaLaw will help you in all matters related to national or European tax laws and also tax legislation concerning the elimination of double taxation under international tax treaties concluded by Slovenia with other countries (currently there are 59 treaties in force).

We will provide you help with optimal international tax planning strategy, tax optimization, establishment of international tax structures and with questions related to transfer pricing.

We will help you in all issues related to tax compliance and we will represent both, natural and legal persons, in all administrative and judicial proceedings related to taxes.

The founding partner of GrlicaLaw, Ivo Grlica, has rich international experience in the field of international tax law and has specialized within the most prestigious international tax institutes such as the International Tax Center (Leiden, the Netherlands) and the Institute for Austrian and International Law (Vienna, Austria). We can help you solve your international tax issues also with the help of our extensive international partner network of advisers and accountants, with whom we successfully partner in more than 30 countries.

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