GrlicaLaw Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) regulate and shall apply to provision of any legal, tax or business advisory services or any other services (“Services”) provided to you Ivo Grlica – ODVETNIK, Miklošičeva cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, business registration number: 2648075000 IVO GRLICA – ODVETNIK and tax number: 30111846, represented by the attoney Ivo Grlica and/or any other lawyer(s) and/or any other professional(s) operating under GrlicaLaw trademark or within the GrlicaLaw network, including (if applicable), any existing or future corporation founded by Ivo Grlica and/or such lawyer(s) and/or professional(s) at any later in any jurisdiction (hereinafter collectively: “GrlicaLaw”, “Consultant” or “we”).


1. Confidentiality

The relationship between the Client and the Consultant shall be deemed confidential relationship in which all parties are obliged to protect all data and facts, the nature of which so requires, as a business secret, as well as any information and facts for which any contracting party so expressly requires.

The Consultant shall not use any data and facts that will become known to the Consultant in the performance of Services for any purpose not connected with the provision of such Services, nor will disclose it to third parties.

2. Intellectual Property and Copyright

The Consultant reserves all intellectual property rights regarding its work and services (including legal advice). No part of any written or oral legal, business or other advice, memo, report electronic correspondence (be it via e-mail, Telegram, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or any other means of electronic communication) or any other oral or written or oral document or idea produced by the Consultant (collectively: “Product”) may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the Consultant.

3. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The Consultant is liable for potential errors at the provision of Services only to the extent such errors are a result of gross negligence; only to the Client and only up to the amount of the received payment under for Services provided to that Client. In no circumstances will the aggregate liability of the Consultant (or its affiliated persons) exceed USD 10,000. If the Client fails to timely communicate to the Consultant all facts, evidence and relevant information in its possession, the Consultant shall not be liable for any damage resulting from such omission. The Client shall exercise its potential claims against the Consultant within one year since the relevant Services were performed and may not assign them.

The Client specifically acknowledges that any business involving cryptocurrencies or any blockchain related technologies, products or businesses, is connected with inherent legal and tax risks of unfavorable regulatory, judicial and administrative action that can neither be fully predicted nor eliminated at this stage of development. The Client further acknowledges that regulatory framework may be subject to radical (even retroactive) changes in future (including changes of official positions of regulatory and tax bodies). Also, the Client acknowledges, that regulatory, tax, judicial and/or any other authorities and/or public agencies are independent and that their legal views, official positions or any potential future decisions taken with regard to the Client and/or its business may differ from legal views and opinions provided or expressed by the Consultant.

The Client acknowledges that the Consultant provides general legal and tax advisory regarding online international business involving blockchain technologies. For any legal or tax implications regarding Client’s business activities in particular jurisdiction, legal experts, tax specialists or any other professional advisers qualified for that particular jurisdiction should be consulted. In cases of any services provided by the Consultant for the new or existing Client free of charge (as a courtesy, for promotional purposes or any other reason), no reliance may be placed on such the Consultant advice or services by the Client whatsoever and the liability of the Consultant for such advice or services is excluded to the full extent.

4. No-Waiver

The failure the Consultant at any time to require any performance or payment or to resort to any remedy provided under these Terms shall in no way affect the right of the Consultant to require performance or to resort to a remedy at any time thereafter, nor shall the waiver by the Consultant of a breach be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach.

5. Client’s Duty to Cooperate and Payment

The Client shall provide the Consultant promptly and without special re-quest with all documents and information necessary for the pro-vision of the Services. Further the Client is to timely inform the Consultant of any incidents or circumstances which could be relevant for the provision of the Services. This also applies to such documents and information, instances or circumstances which become known in the course of the provision of the Services.

The Consultant may assume that the information and documents submitted are complete and accurate. Upon request Client shall provide written confirmation regarding such completeness and accuracy.

The Client agrees to compensate the Consultant in the amount, quoted in written form (including, but not limited to electronic means of communication) to the Client by the Consultant prior to the performance of any particular task (Fixed Price; excluding VAT, if applicable), increased for a fixed charge of 3% for administrative costs. If no such quote of the Fixed Price has been provided for particular service, consulting fees shall be calculated as the product of the number of hours the Consultant spent performing the tasks ordered and required by the Client, whereas hourly rate for such consulting shall be EUR 130.00, increased for a fixed charge of 3% for administrative costs (excluding VAT, if applicable).

Payment of our invoices is due within 8 calendar days of the invoice issuing date unless other arrangements have been agreed in writing (for avoidance of any doubt, including via e-mail). Invoices are payable in the currency in which they are nominated (but we may decide to accept another currency for the payment of services, including cryptocurrency). If invoices are not paid within 8 calendar days of the invoice issuing date, we reserve the right to charge interest from that date at the statutory default interest rate. All estimates or quotations given by us and all fees and expenses charged by us are exclusive of VAT which will be charged where VAT is applicable to our fees and on any expenses that are subject to VAT.

If payments are overdue, we also reserve the right to immediate suspend or terminate work and, to the extent allowed under applicable regulations, to retain the documents and papers which belong to you or which have been supplied to us for the purpose of carrying out your instructions.

6. General

These Terms shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Slovenia and parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ljubljana courts.

These Terms may be modified, changed, supplemented or updated by the Consultant at its sole discretion at any time without advance notice.

The Consultant may provide services to another party who has interests, which compete or conflict with the Client’s (“Conflicting Party”). The Consultant and its advisors are and shall remain free to provide services to Conflicting Parties, except that where the interests of the Conflicting Party conflict with the Client’s specifically and directly in relation to the subject matter of the Services in the course of the provision of those Services. The Consultant seeks to identify Conflicting Parties in such circumstances. If the Client knows or becomes aware that the Consultant is advising or proposing to advise such a Conflicting Party the Client shall inform the Consultant promptly.

We expect to act on a matter until it is completed. We are entitled to terminate our services where we have good reason to do so and upon the giving of notice of 5 days.

Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms, in case that Client’s activities or business may at any time reasonable damage reputation of the Consultant and/or its advisors (in particular, but not limited to: if the Client refuses to comply with any applicable laws in any jurisdiction it operates, or violates any applicable legislation, or if the Client avoids paying any applicable taxes or does not comply with data protection, AML/KYC or any other legal requirements, or in case of any other reasonable ethical concerns with regard to the Client’s business or business of associated persons (in particular, but not limited to: founders, shareholders and/or managers) of the Client), the Consultant may at any time and without prior warning immediately discontinue provision of any already ongoing Services and/or immediately discontinue engagement, and in such case the Consultant shall not be liable to the Client for any damages whatsoever.

Neither the Consultant nor the Client shall be in breach of its contractual obligations nor shall they incur any liability to the other if the Consultant or the Client are unable to comply with these Terms as a result of any cause beyond the Consultant’s or the Client’s reasonable control.


Last updated on 8. 8. 2019